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Every Christian gets stuck. But not every Christian needs to stay stuck. With a lively voice and real-world experience, Bishop Bloomer encourages the believer to break loose from the chains of bad habits and hurtful attitudes. In short, forceful chapters bursting with biblical support, he tackles everything from fear to debt, to depression, addiction, sickness, anxiety, bad relationships, and more.

But the focus of this book is not these negative issues, but rather the positive reality: abundant freedom in Christ. Bishop Bloomer advocates an outward-facing faith that relies on God's healing of self to provide healing to others in the church, neighborhood, and community, setting off a chain reaction of freedom, forgiveness, and love that will have an eternal impact.

Includes resources for healing and renewal, as well as Bishop Bloomer's Spiritual Warfare Dictionary.

Break Loose: Find Freedom from Toxic Traps and Spiritual Bondage Book

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