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Package includes:

Find Your Way Back 2-message set by Bishop Bloomer
Confused; unsure; perplexed; uncertain at the storms you face? This teaching will show you how to get on with the rest of your life as an over comer!Titles are:

  • You Will Find it This Time in the Dark
  • Back from a Nasty Fall

More of Him hardback book
Are you walking in power as Christ did? Is your desire for intimacy with the Father increasing? Are you passionately pursuing the Holy Spirit's presence? Prepare to discover a deeper understanding of the indwelling of the Spirit. Don't be lost in this doctrinal tug-of-war. Join Bishop George G Bloomer as he provides solid, scriptural answers on the Holy Spirit -- His person, His fruits, His gifts, His unifying work. There's no need to live in confusion any longer. As you begin to walk in this deeper understanding, you will be filled with new wisdom, power, and strength. Prepare to find more of Him and receive the power of the Holy Spirit!

The Prayer of Renunciation ‑ BONUS audio CD

Find Your Way Back/More of Him CD Package

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